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The best Of San Fransisco and why you should indulge

September 16, 2017 at 8:55 pm


The time I went out on a whim and decided that San Diego was a place I needed to try out was probably one of the best ideas I’ve had in a while. Not that I have bad ideas or anything. Lol!

The reason San Fransisco is such a great place is that there is so much cultural difference that you can see what the world as a whole is like in one city. There is such a diverse choice of restaurants and cultural venues. You must check out the old Prison (Alcatraz) and see where the inmates were held after they were pulled from society.

The port is a cool place due to the fact you can go sit on an old Ferry and have a nice clam chowder in a fresh, handmade bread bowl that is to die for. and one of the restaurants in-house ales that are pretty tasty.

When you get into the city you start to see what a really cool place it is. There is the worlds most curvy street that is literally “the curviest street” ever. When visiting my brother was also in the are for a home construction convention just up the coast and decided to swing by and hang out for the day so we could catch a trolly through the city.
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We decided that wine country is it’s at. There is an amazing portfolio of winery’s that are breathtaking with the hillside views that they claim as their home. It’s truly a beautiful thing that there is such beauty in the valley. With the wine tours underway we finally decided that it was getting late and we should get back to the hotel.
The trip has been a success and I know if you come to see the beautiful city and wine country valley of SanFrancisco you will surely agree.

Amazing Amsterdam

July 4, 2017 at 2:48 pm

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam sure has a reputation for drugs and a good time but the city has a lot more to offer and is full of culture if you look for it.

Vondelpark is one of the best parks in Amsterdam and is one of the favorite spots for tourists who want to have a picnic in the sun or do some activities with their friends and family. It is located to the southwest of the city center.

The Anne Frank House is also a must see if you’re into history as it serves as an everlasting memory of Anne Frank who was a little girl during the holocaust. Her diary was written during the holocaust and is one of the world’s leading sellers as it tells her story and how Jews suffered during the terrible event. Anne Frank’s diary is taught in most schools around the world. Anne Frank House is a biographical museum dedicated to her. It was founded in 1957 and is located in the province of North Holland. It is open from 9am to 10pm on most days.

Van Gogh museum is home to a vast collection of the works of Van Gogh who only became famous after his death. He’s famous for cutting off his own ear and eventually killing himself. Without a doubt he is one of the finest artists the world has ever seen. Because of his immense popularity it is best to book your ticket to the museum online as you’re unlikely to find any on arrival. Tickets are about 17 euros for adults.

Conertgebouw is a concert venue that hosts about 900 shows and almost 1 million visitors every single year. It is a very comfortable and enjoyable place to see a show and you can check out the show listings and ticket prices via their website beforehand. The NEMO science museum is a lovely experience especially for kids as many of its exhibits are interactive as kids can try their luck with chemistry, architecture, and even economy. It is a very educational experience and seems like a lot of fun so should definitely be visited by families. The entry ticket is about 15 euros in price.

Overall Amsterdam is a great city where you can have fun in its various restaurants, coffee shops, and malls as well as relaxing with its beautiful scenery and world famous parks and natural scenery. It can also be a diverse cultural experience involving art in Van Gogh’s museum, history in Anne Frank’s House, and science in the NEMO science museum.